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How to Access EXIF Data

    Microsoft Windows

    • 1). Navigate to the folder with the image file containing Exif data.

    • 2). Right-click on the image file and select "Properties" from the shortcut menu.

    • 3). Click on the "Advanced" or "Details" tab, depending on the version of Windows, of the "Properties" window. A subset of the available Exif data will be shown.

    Exif Software

    • 1). Download and install one of the many free Exif programs available online. Follow the instructions on the software's download page and the prompts in the installation process.

    • 2). Launch the installed Exif reader program.

    • 3). Open the image file with Exif data by following the program's instructions for opening files. This will usually involve clicking "Open," navigating to the folder with the image file, selecting the image file and clicking "OK."

    • 4). View the Exif data for the image file. Some programs will let you edit this data.

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