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A Bit Like Using a Good

A bit like using a good on theback so I say go which is a musician watch me watch 56 we go one back to back 3 back 4 back nice and easy read here we go givenaccount to be some energy yes use immunity ready 567 go one counted I don't hear ya go that's it County say counted counted freeze job doesn't come on guyswe dedicate remember no matter don't care who you are andwe're going to myself sometimes you get a little extra days ago gonna flip the switch began last daythere will be a conflict which you at home same day como get readyready yes alright I do some key points been toalthough the workout samples get busy alright yes dedication I need it right now yesforty-five minutes baby here we go can be musically on my own it 0 bicep bicep titles are don't swing it people to your body from work it mike tyson work people go titles arms up chest up work long work 3 fight 6 not work 10 now popenoe legs freed up to give you some fresco can raise aquestion 3 can rate forget Mon market pocket go line puppets pick up raise your guys for keep your eyes for work show not sitcourse it now wants it work SF work if you may get through Gilmore said go word yep Countyrecounted counted counted now hope bring younotice I ready have or buy up members circles onhome faces up to silly nice job we're goingto go one back tighten up 3 title showed deltoid basset hound 6 that's it from say focus here pay nice income one counted sitcom on 3 work let's go highs before thank you guys for come on okay now double go wine work work 3 come on i know im don't cheat big fan raging bull shit white familiesyou want you guys to rate work shit from your pops up yes rocketed up have yes def right now work it's work 3 Fergus walk it out room when you go to thebutterfly make sure you will take receptor you get the full range ofmotion yes it to relax a city for the work a cute way to any rate remains in sci-fi6 ready turn not we go one show herbreasts to free butterfly 3 shoulder pressbutterfly shortbread tighten up okay classic good strip mall good Streetmovement for my watch to the end only a good yesif right here monarchy shows shoes back this like death Gilmore said go that'sit that's it come on let's do it again all the way up 6 you ready alright let's do it go why province pop River Road take rotate rotate Senatewill take arms one rotate acid 3 way.
I the demiseof the dried look good on television watch meonce we open a beer focus gone work it yourself right you wake up wake up great maybeargued you wake yourself up one counted work yes market work now dude 5 6 Tennessee you want to go outer sideready upbringing fight to for your stomach yep always fees go forget come on guys work work work work go here from use your power string use your desired rightward scary sweet treatssweet sit down sit down courts message work it mop pack tag work work working work work were good talk it out here's a rough reactor site opening hands up don't seehow to see works 33 weights just like this his relaxed shoulders themovie we go step me back down me back down mine to as a good about where seaway CIR 33 waist you see now might never be tight handsome if youwere gone on to be relaxed anybody he.
Is nice and flexible one now shake your fist not to try as you'vemade yourself exhilarated go one work it's not very tight show myself two more sets go want to keep doubles up almost a shows atricep toward sized work come on Morgan work work fun work it's work work work working now hey dudes sit down those legs to download if youfollow your profile yes Africa mine power normal X techno them remember wine Marty 3 go go go very now already back 6 7 exhilarated wine work 3 work hmmm to it families of guys doing some unionized you can be lookinglike sleepy work yourself dedication spoke home yes two more to go working how r ya work it go go 3 go go go free number of breast one brought down Press from cool down rest of both have a focus point have a focus pointwitness no I stop here to focus point 3 focus point give you a good for mereally pull down foreshock up or down foreshock three this is BS he tightness spree body passion take session that's it okay one more time sit down 104 sit down maury every few core few core your core walk it out okay remember guysI say let me see a court let me see Corp if you go back to guide the issue tocourt overlays up not require you setup here make for a have served for HMOs wife back swing the bat don't sweet your bodysediment it now one to you 3 I call you 6 everybody cardio one go work 3 work working quick two more sets go work acid 3 work market ninos arms up forget let's go province profit profit said forget target to yourself market work forget market yes Hao I tell you see three ways gaza withyou get your hands on the freeways is so relaxing you get a good job you mehearing out-of-date story that's happening always go back here ready period nevergot me to call you one pullback you that's it three that's it work work say were book uses pay move onto one comes along with impromptu okay that's it uniquely dedicated I already pay this rough baby why workyou Jack great Jack 10 you too can tap one very good cardioright now with your cardio when I say go to court jot down use of you core are you now to your car why markets core great core core core court in your cargo why the net for golf that's

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