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Ideas for a Daughter's First Birthday With Ponies


    • Cut horse shapes out of colorful construction paper to create party invitations. Or, use images of ponies, whether they're real or not such as carousel ponies or farmyard ponies. Use pony-related wording, such as "Giddy-up and get to Sammie's 1st Birthday Party" or "Gallup on over--don't trot." If you prefer simple wording, use something like, "Join us for ponies and fun because Jenna is turning one!"


    • Use large images of ponies from old calendars or posters to decorate the walls. Fill the room with blue and white balloons to look like the sky. If the party is based on My Little Pony, use colorful balloons in pink and purple with images of the pony characters and rainbows. Balloons and streamers can be tied to posts, trees or fences outside. If your baby girl has a small rocking horse, bring it out as a decoration. Create your own life-sized ponies out of cardboard for indoor or outdoor parties.


    • Set up pony rides or a small petting zoo for guests who are old enough to enjoy if you want the real thing or know someone who would be willing to lend his ponies to you. Hide little pony toys around the house or yard for your guests to find. Make headbands with pony ears and manes and belts with a tail for the children to wear. Let them crawl or walk around and pretend to be ponies. Or, give them wagon rides to put on a pony parade. Let the little ones color pictures of ponies or horseshoes. Ask the adults at the party to help the kids with their crafts.


    • Simple finger foods are best as they'll be easier for the little ones to eat and will create less mess for you to clean up. Carrot sticks go along with the pony theme and are easy for little hands to grip and eat as they move about. Offer a vegetable and dip platter for the adults and older children at the party. Small sandwiches can be cut into pony or horseshoe shapes with cookie cutters.


    • Consider cupcakes in lieu of a big traditional cake since they're easier to pass out at cake time and won't lead to toddlers becoming impatient. It will also make cleanup easier. Give your daughter her own little smash cake with a toy pony or images of ponies on it. Put a pony decoration on each cupcake, whether it's a pony plastic ring, toy or edible image. Or, decorate the cupcakes as though it were one cake, with a large meadow, rainbow and ponies on it.


    • Pony-shaped treats, large beaded bracelets, pony coloring books or a plush toy pony can serve as favors for the other children at the party. If you want to give favors to the adults as well, consider pony or horseshoe picture frames to hold a picture of them with their children.

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