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Video Production Basics: Making Videos for the Internet

You may have thought that making a video for the Internet, whether for marketing a product or service, or sharing a story online is a simple affair. Just grab any dollar store video camera, point-and-shoot, and upload it to video sharing sites such as YouTube, and you're done. But with literally millions of videos being uploaded every month, how is your video production going to stand out?
It's important to understand the basics of making a video that will capture attention on the web. The first thing to keep in mind is that equipment matters. You can grab any kind of video recorder you want, and in today's digital video recording age, you will likely get decent quality, but you should aim for rough footage that allows you to work more effectively once you begin editing your project.
Other equipment that you may need, or is advisable to consider purchasing, includes microphones, lights, tripods, and video editing software.

What is Your Story?
The next thing to consider is the story you wish to convey. Whether you are selling a product or service, or have a fictional story you want to tell, you need to understand that story backward and forward. Any holes that exist in your storyline will be amplified once you start recording the video. You also want to determine how your story will stand out from amongst the millions of other videos that exist on the internet today.

Do Your Homework
If you are planning on making a video for the internet, make sure that you do your homework. Is your video going to be unique? Are there many other videos that share the same idea? What is the quality of any other video that you find that is similar to what you want to create? And more importantly, how can you improve on anything that may be similar to it in existence on the web today?

Quality Control
When it comes to video on the internet, the most important thing to consider in the beginning is the quality of the video and audio that you produce. Audio and video on the internet will be compressed. That means if you have substandard quality, the flaws will become exaggerated as the file is compressed and posted to a site such as YouTube.

Aim for the highest quality production that your budget allows and don't cut corners to try to save time. A video that looks spotty or generic or amateurish will rarely get attention from the audience that you wish to attract.
Video marketing today has become an integral part of almost every business model on the web. Treat it as though you aim to have your video broadcast on the big screen theaters. Treat it with respect and you will achieve the results you're looking for.

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