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Body Skin Care In Winter

As the festive season is round the corner, it is time to think about presents for your family and friends. Whether they are cold-weather connoisseurs or prefer to escape winter rather than embrace it, protecting the skin during colder months is basic common sense. When the arctic air hits the region and makes their faces red, itchy and flaky, your beauty kit may come in handy. According to skiers, winter runners and dermatologists who practice in cold climates, body skin carein winter differs from what you put on your skin during warmer periods. In winter the skin gets more sensitive because of increased dryness of the air. Cold winter air from the Arctic holds less water than tropical summer air and parches the skin breaking down its natural protective layer of dead cells. Also known as the stratum corneum, this layer is made of proteins and fats which form an oily coating. Because of this special coating, moisture retains in the skin making it less vulnerable to harsh weather and less prone to flaking and cracking.

Winter experts say helping the skin to retain moisture is the best way to keep it from getting dry, irritated and flaky. Polar explorers claim that back in the day the Inuit used special body skin care routines; they never had baths to prevent natural oils from washing off. Today dermatologists recommend avoiding scalding showers and harsh soaps which can remove the oily protective coating and cause the skin to lose moisture. Lukewarm water and soaps with moisturising agents are a better alternative. When extreme temperatures hit the region, oils can be added to bath water to increase hydration. For delicate body skin care after a shower or bath, experts recommend patting oneself dry with a towel to seal the moisture in.

For many people, Christmas is the perfect time for a winter break. Lots of holidaymakers leave for regions where they can indulge themselves in activities unique to the weather conditions, from skiing and snowmobiling to snowboarding and reindeer safaris. Enjoying oneself amid snow-capped mountains can be great fun but after a day out in the crisp winter air the skin may get itchy and flaky. In fact, body skin care is of great importance for winter sports enthusiasts. Oil-based products could be a good investment for the holiday season as they can create a protective coating on the skin and protect it from outdoor hazards. You can also choose from a range of pampering bath kits. At times all one needs after fun leisure pursuits in the winter air is a great reinvigorating experience.

Delicate body skin care in winter is as important as skin protection in summer. Cold dry air can make the skin irritated and flaky. Certainly, one can spend less time in the winter air and use humidifiers in their homes and apartments to moisturise dry outdoor air. However, having healthy glowing skin during colder periods seems to be a daunting task without oil-based products. Wrap them nicely and they will likely make great Christmas presents for family and friends.

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