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How to Reinstall XP Bootloader

    • 1). Boot from the Windows XP installation disk. Insert the disk and reboot your computer. Press any key to boot from the disk or press "F12" to go to the boot options menu. Choose "CD-ROM" to continue.

    • 2). Choose "Repair a Windows XP Installation" to open the Recovery Console.

    • 3). Enter your administrator password if one exists. If your password is blank, press "Enter."

    • 4). Type "fixmbr" at the command prompt. You can type an optional device name if necessary. Most users will only need to type "fixmbr." Press "Enter."

    • 5). Type "fixboot C:" at the command prompt. If Windows XP isn't installed on C:, enter the correct drive letter instead.

    • 6). Type "Exit" to quit the Recovery Console and restart your computer.

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