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Tips On Used Cars

People who have purchased used cars have already demonstrated their financial savvy as they saved considerable money by not buying an expensive new vehicle.
But once they get it home in the driveway or garage, there are more strategies that will continue to make their purchase a frugal one as well.
Whether it is a used car or is a new vehicle, racing the car's engine can take years off its longevity.
Instead, accelerate slowly, especially in winter climates, allowing the engine sufficient time to warm up.
Drive the speed limits and avoid roaring away from stop signs and stop lights.
Maintaining the correct tire pressure will increase your fuel economy giving you many more miles from each tank of gas.
Tires will also last longer if operators avoid potholes, driving up on curbs and slamming on the brakes.
Be sure to rotate tires regularly and replace them when the tire tread is below minimum tire depth.
Hopefully the original owner of used cars was careful to always park the vehicle in the shade or in the garage, as leaving it out in the sun for hours at a time is a good way to ruin the interior.
If it is not possible to park out of the direct summer sunshine, using a sunshade that fits across the windshield on the inside of the vehicle is the next best thing.
The sun is also hard on the exterior paint, causing it to lose its lustre long before it is time to put your used cars up for sale.
Using a towel or blanket under children's car seats or for pets to sit on helps to keep the upholstery clean.
If a spill does occur, take the car to a detailing shop as soon as possible and get it cleaned and deodorized.
If a chip in the windshield results from a rock flying off a vehicle ahead, get it fixed right away.
Often a repair shop can fix a small crack that, left untouched, will result in a bad fissure right across the width of the windshield, requiring replacement and costing more than $300.
Be sure to wash the car often, even in winter.
While it may seem a waste of money and time, the sand and salt that is in the mix that municipalities put on the road to prevent sliding on icy surfaces can badly damage the car's exterior.
Get used cars waxed often to maintain the glossy still-new look.
Other helpful tips to make used cars last for many years include changing the oil frequently, or as recommended by the manufacturer.
Today's maintenance schedule often suggest several months between oil changes, but more frequent ones are much more effective in extending engine life.
Change the oil filter with every change and clean the fuel filter regularly.
Be sure to use the oil density that is best for the car, with many small vehicles working well on 5W30.
And while they are at it, owners of used cars need to check brake and transmission fluid levels often too.
If the car still has the maintenance manual available, it is a good idea to continue with the recommended servicing that came with the manufacturer's instructions.
With a lot of care and due diligence, used cars can last their owners for many years, running efficiently, smoothly and trouble-free.

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