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How to Stop Car Ramps from Moving on a Garage Floor

    • 1). Place the car ramps on the floor in the front of the garage. Drive the car partially in and park it. The vehicle must be straight. Have a helper guide you while you're driving the vehicle in. Position the ramps so they are 3 feet away from the front wall. Place them directly in front of the car tires.

    • 2). Place a wooden plank in front of each car ramp. The other end should touch the garage wall, according to the Family Handyman. This will help brace the ramp so it can't slide across the floor. Position the second plank in front of the other ramp.

    • 3). Place a rubber mat under the low end of the car ramp. The mat will also help keep the ramp from moving. Place the second mat under the other ramp. Drive the vehicle onto the car ramps while a helper guides you. Set the parking brake, according to the Family Handyman.

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