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Stretch Limos—the best amongst grand vehicles

Limos were once and even now are the representative of true grand vehicle that has come on the road. Nowadays many companies are manufacturing limousines and we have these cars available in multiple colors, various makes and a large number of models. We can choose the limo that we require according to our needs and requirements. Whether we need a party limo or a prom limo, a wedding limo or a DIA limo, nowadays there are so many limousine rental companies who provide us with these spectacular cars at cheap rates. Nowadays it has become possible for everyone to enjoy a ride or two in these superb vehicles.

Though there is a large variety of limousines that one can have access to, the most opted type of limousines has been and still is the stretch limo. What makes limo different from others and the premium choice of majority of people? The answer is that stretch limos as the name suggests are stretchy grand vehicles that can accommodate a large number or passengers. The car is built in a style that gives it a "stretched" look and makes it larger than any other variety of limousines. The idea behind creating such a grand vehicle was to depict pure grandness in a vehicle that is fit for stars, important people, special occasions and festivities.

The limos are available in a large variety of colors but the most opted ones are black and white as they truly reflect the grandness of this vehicle. Nowadays different manufacturers are adding different features in these grand limos so as to make them better and more attractive than their counterparts. The space and seating arrangement also varies from one manufacturer to the other. The stretch limos nowadays come equipped with the up to the minute electronic gadgets such as satellite phones, Wi-Fi, sound systems and LCD screens that will give you a fun time on your ride. As they are spacious cars, you can have added features installed in them for example, a casino, a wet bar, disco ball and even a little disco floor. Some companies also have a Jacuzzi as a feature of their stretch limos.

The limos are the best choice for weddings, proms, birthdays and airport transportation as they can accommodate a large number of people and this way more people can fit in a very economical way. Stretch limos are usually the choice of teenagers for their proms as they can pool in some money and hire a one big grand car to make their time more splendid. Weddings are also one event when stretch limos are in demand as the bride and her friends can travel together in this grand automotive. So if an event is approaching nearby, make sure that this time you also hire a stretch limo.

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