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Game Cheats for Empire Earth: Gold Edition

    Easy Resources

    • The game tasks you with exploring the land to gather resources to grow your civilization. Use these cheats to gain resources without hunting for them. The code "boston food sucks" yields 1,000 food. Get 1,000 gold with the code "atm." Enter "creatine" for 1,000 iron, "rock&roll" for 1,000 rock and "you said wood" for 1,000 wood. For a big bonanza, input the code "all your base are belong to us." This will net you 100,000 of all resources.

    Construction Manager

    • You'll spend plenty of time in the game directing your people to build structures for protection. Make the work quicker with the code "brain storm," which increases building speed. Finish construction in a snap with the code "coffee train." This will complete all buildings currently under construction, and has the bonus effect of healing all of your units.

    Instant Explorer

    • You would normally need to send scouts to other parts of the map to uncover new territory -- and to spot your rival civilizations' locations. Use the code "asus drivers" and you can view the entire map or use "my name is methos" to see the whole map with resource locations. View the best fishing spots with the code "columbus" to help your food collection.

    Thrill and Agony

    • You win some, you lose some. With these cheats you can make each result a certainty. Win your level instantly with the code "somebody set up us the bomb." If things aren't going well and you wish to start over, just enter the cheat "ahhhcool." This will result in an instant loss.

    Quick Level-Up

    • Boost your units stats up to Level 10 instantly with the code "the quotable patella."

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