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Insulation Resistance Facts


    • Insulin resistance occurs when the body uses insulin improperly. The body then produces more insulin to aid glucose in getting to the right cells, resulting in a buildup of both insulin and glucose in the bloodstream. This is the precursor to diabetes.


    • Insulin resistance is caused by a certain genetic predisposition, as well as obesity and leading a sedentary lifestyle.


    • In many cases, there are no symptoms related to insulin resistance. However, some people experience dark patches of skin around their neck, elbow, knees and armpits.


    • According to the Diabetic Alliance, an estimated 20 to 25 percent of healthy people could be insulin resistant. However, not all people who are insulin resistant develop diabetes.


    • Osteoporosis, a loss of bone tissue leading to more fragile bones, can develop as a result of insulin resistance. Insulin is a "master" hormone, controlling anabolic hormones in the body, some of which are responsible for bone growth.

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