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Nu Skin Review - Independent Nu Skin Review of the Business Opportunity, Company, and Its Products!

Nu Skin form a part of the multimillion dollar health and beauty industry marketing skin care products including those aimed to reduce the signs of aging.
While researching the company in order to write this Nu Skin review, the business model was viewed from a prospective representative point of view and the products were analyzed with the customer in mind.
Company History I discovered in this Nu Skin review that the company was founded twenty-five years ago by Blake Roney, Steve Lund and Sandie Tillotson with the simple philosophy that their products would have "all of the good, none of the bad" while preventing the signs of aging.
In the early 90's they found themselves on the receiving end of some legal action having to prove that they were in fact a legit company and not operating the illegal business model of a pyramid scheme.
The law suit was successfully averted and has since continued to grow the business and expand taking advantage of the high rate of unemployment sweeping the nation now due to the current economic downturn.
Products Nu Skin specializes in anti aging products and personally my first thought was that I have seen these products a million times before promising to get rid of your wrinkles, make you look ten years younger and give you the skin of an ageless celebrity.
However after further research, this company has a new twist, they target their products at a younger audience promising to delay the signs of aging rather than reversing them.
This grabbed my attention, because one of my personal beliefs is that prevention is better than a cure.
Alongside their own brand, Nu Skin, they also market another brand called Pharmanex, both of these brands offer an extensive range of products.
Business Model The Nu Skin review shows that they make use of a multi level marketing business plan commonly abbreviated to MLM.
This means that employees work on a self-employed basis selling products for the company and earning commission along the way.
They also then have the opportunity of involving others in the business of selling the products and in so doing start to earn commissions and bonuses based on their down lines performance.
MLM is one of the soundest marketing principles in starting to create passive income for yourself.
What no one tells you however is that you have to work really hard to sell the product first and then start to build your down line business? Too many people are not prepared to do what it takes in order to succeed, and in failing because their lack of commitment tend to blame the business.

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