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What to Do When Your Boyfriend Asks You to Give Him Space? Important Things You Must Do

Every one of us craves our own space at some stage in our lives.
After having someone around constantly we all look for our own space.
So there's nothing wrong and you should not feel offended either when your boyfriend asks you to give him space.
Apology for not having realized it earlier Don't let his irritation get to you when he asks you to give him space.
Rather an apology would be in perfect taste and that you too need yours for a while.
Tell him this will be a good opportunity for you to catch up with all the unfinished things in your life.
Create a sense of business Don't let your boyfriend for a moment get the feeling that you actually don't have anything to do or that you were offended because he asked for his space.
Let him know that you were around because you thought he needed you even though it meant setting aside your work.
Catch up with other friends You have long neglected meeting all those friends with whom you used to spend so much time until you got busy with your boyfriend to such an extent that you had no time to meet up with them.
They will warmly welcome your presence and make you feel good about being with them.
Take up a new hobby or activity There surely must have been so many things that you had wanted to pursue but were not able to simply because you were so involved with your boyfriend.
Enjoy your activities for as long as you can and make them a part of your life's schedule henceforth.
Avoid contacting your boyfriend While on this 'space' mission, see that you avoid your boyfriend, no matter what.
Even if he calls you, answer him briefly as though you were just on your way to one of your friend's or a date with someone.
Avoid contacting him while he enjoys his space.
Arouse some jealousy in him Time that you aroused jealousy in him; he cannot dictate terms to you that he now wants his space and then he needs you.
Let him see you out with someone special and sense jealousy while wondering at the seriousness of the relationship.
The need to play hard to get It is now your turn to play hard to get.
He wanted you off his back.
So, just stay off his back until as long as you want.
Indulge in the activities while he knows that you have important things to do than just hang out with him.

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