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Build a Koi Pond? OK - What"s the Best Shape to Build a Koi Pond?

Koi ponds come in all shapes and sizes.
Some ponds work well and are easy to care for.
Then there's the other kind that always needs attention..
When you build a koi pond you want to design an easy to maintain pond.
The shape you choose will have an affect how many fish you can keep.
It will affect how well it filters.
It will also affect how much it costs to build your pond.
Advantages of a Rectangular Koi Pond: From an economic point of view square or rectangular ponds are easier and cheaper to build.
If you are building a pond from block this is especially true.
If you want to build a koi pond and keep costs down then go rectangular.
Pond liner comes in long rectangular rolls.
It stands to reason that there will be less waste if your pond is rectangular.
Since you are paying by the square foot everything you have to cut off is waste and liner isn't cheap.
The surface area of your koi pond is one key factor in how many koi you can keep.
A rectangular pond will give you the most surface area.
When a skimmer and waterfall are placed on opposite ends of a rectangular pond water current and filtration will be optimized.
It's Best To Avoid Round Or Irregular Shaped Koi Ponds These shapes waste a lot of liner.
The more irregular your pond shape is the harder it will be to keep clean.
You don't want back eddies or dead spots in your pond.
This is a place for dirt and debris to accumulate.
This can lead to more work for you and health problems for your fish.
The Foot Print Shaped Koi Pond For those of you who cant live with a rectangular pond because it seems unnatural this is a good compromise.
It has good surface area and will filter well.
You still will waste more liner but your pond will have a more natural look to it.
The Shape Of Your Pond Bottom Is Critical In order to have a healthy pond you must be able to get rid of waste.
Your pond bottom should slope from front to back gradually.
About 1/4 bubble is good.
It should have a vee shape.
This way all waste will go to the center and towards the low end where a bottom drain can pick it up.

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