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Facing Impending Doom

Are you in a situation where you are facing a coming disaster and you feel that there is nothing you can do about it? I know how you feel.
Adolf Hitler found himself in that situation when the Russians were invading Berlin in 1945.
He realised that there was nothing he could do except wait for the end.
In his case the end was suicide, and when there were just hours to go, he and his wife did commit suicide.
He had reaped what he had sown: death and destruction.
This is also true for you and me.
We also reap what we sow.
But the good news is that if our impending disaster has been caused by our actions, then we can rebuild our lives by sowing new things which will result in positive reaping in the future.
Sometimes all we can do is wait for the disaster to come upon us and hope that we survive it.
But if we know the God of the Bible and believe in what He says and put our faith and trust in Him, then even the impending disaster will work for our good.
Our heavenly father loves us.
He knows our every thought.
He knows why we did what we did and He knows what is best for us and our future.
Every day we live is written in His book when there were none of them.
Each day fashioned for us.
Even the impending disaster was written in God's book for us to experience.
Nothing occurs to us outside of God's plan and purpose.
He says he knows all our thoughts and that He thinks about us a lot.
He knows what we have need of before we ask.
He loves us and values us more than many sparrows.
And not a single sparrow falls to the ground apart from His will.
And He feeds the sparrows.
He has a plan and purpose for our life to give us a future and a hope.
Everything is working together for our good.
What this means for us is that God is controlling our impending disaster.
God will use it for good in our lives if we love Him and are the called according to His purpose.
He is using it to test the genuineness of our faith or to correct us or to discipline us or a combination of these.
He could also be using it to bring us to submission to His plan and way in our lives, and to help us know that He is right in everything He does.
Because we know He loves us and is listening to us, we can also pray and ask Him to remove it.
We know He can when He desires to do so.
So whatever you are facing today, no matter how difficult, turn to Jesus Christ and ask Him to save you from your sins.
Then ask Him to help you deal with the problems you are going through and He will.
He will go with you through them.
"Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for your rod and staff they comfort me.
" Psalm 23

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