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How to Punish a Man in Chastity

Many men who beg for male chastity prove recalcitrant and -- in short -- behave badly just so they'll get 'punishment'.
So, the question is...
How to punish a man in chastity? After all, what can you do to him? Because...
  1. If you tell him he's got to wait longer...
    then you're giving him more of what he wants.
  2. If you let him orgasm...
    then you're giving him what he wants in the moment, even if later he'll be disappointed.
    But let's face it - it's not really much of a punishment, is it?
  3. If you're in a femdom relationship you can cane him or give him some other punishment...
    but then you're once more giving him more of what he wants.
So, what can you do? Well the good news is, there are a couple of things you can do, all depending on how annoyed you get with him.
Both are something he's really not going to like, but one is a bit more drastic than the other and it's something I'd recommend only in the extreme.
Punishment #1 Let's get the extreme and least-fun one out of the way first.
It's simply this: give him the key back and refuse to play the game.
In other words, treat him just like you would a child by withdrawing your attention from him.
I guarantee this will bring him into line very quickly.
If he's in chastity then the thought of being allowed free and just left free will stop him dead in his tracks.
But because it's quite an 'unfriendly' thing to do, I'd really do this only if it truly went beyond the pale and he simply wouldn't behave.
I don't expect my husband to be at my beck and call since we're not in a female led relationship, although we do practice strict male chastity, but I do expect him to recognise and respect the effort it takes for me to keep him under lock and key and happy with it! Punishment #2 This is the killer - and I can guarantee when you read what it is, you won't think it's punishment at all.
Until you try it on him and see how he reacts.
Then you might just think again.
It's simply this: give him a ruined orgasm.
It's easy: you just make sure his hands are restrained so he can't touch himself and then you treat him to a low, sensuous and deliciously torturous tease and denial session.
Only this time you're going to let him orgasm...
BUT the instant he begins to orgasm, with the very first spasm, you let go of his penis and give him NO further stimulation whatsoever.
He will buck and moan and groan and beg, but you must NOT touch him.
Now, this is one of the worst things that can happen to a man, because while he gets the post-orgasm letdown, there is NONE of the pleasure normally associated with an orgasm.
He'll be devastated, I promise.
I know this from experience - because my husband, John, occasionally has to suffer ruined orgasms and he gets only one proper one a year.
Now, if you're sick and tired of the hype and nonsense you read on the 'net about male chastity and orgasm denial, and you're really looking for safe, sane and realistic advice and information, then it makes sense to get it from a genuine 24/7 couple who are living the lifestyle for real, doesn't it?

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