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What Are the Guidelines for Choosing an Expert Witness?

Real estate litigation is a very broad field and there are many sub specialties and an even larger number of real estate expert witnesses in each sub specialty. The guidelines to qualify as a witness are very broad and lend themselves to interpretation such that almost all lawyers can easily qualify as a professional. Therefore, selecting an expert witness depends entirely on the lawyer handling any matter pertaining to any real estate related dispute. The witness selected should have an understanding of the sub specialty of the case, as well as the practices of the client besides a credibility that can impress the jury and judge.

Who Qualifies as an Experienced Witness?

For instance a real estate partnership disputes expert witness with great credibility yet lacking in expertise with regard to the case would be a liability rather than an asset. Such a witness would not hold up under cross examination and would have adverse effects on the case. The definition of an expert and experienced witness is such that any lawyer by virtue of his qualification can qualify as an expert witness. This includes full time, part time and professional witnesses, teachers and judges. Similarly all real estate brokers qualify as expert witnesses by virtue of their work and includes both occasional and professional witnesses.

Locating a Real Estate Witness in Specific States

A Real Estate Witness in Hawaii is not very difficult to locate. A directory listing of expert witnesses is easy to find on the internet and any lawyer on the lookout for witness can easily find a suitable one. While shopping for witnesses the lawyer needs to strike a balance between confidence to take the stand, familiarity with the legal process and knowledge of both current standards and new developments. Lack of familiarity with the legal process could lead to a lack in confidence that could easily limit the expert's ability to be a witness.

Shopping for the Best Witness

An inexperienced expert while highly knowledgeable about his field of expertise thus, often tends to come across as awkward and this affects on his trust. Such a real estate expert witness could function better as a consultant. On the other hand a professional expert witness might be so busy testifying that he may even be unaware of the latest developments or changes to standards if any. Thus while a professional witness might perform better on the stand especially during cross examination, the lawyer needs to ascertain the expert witness's awareness of both the current practices and standards

Personal Meeting with the Short-listed Experts

The same rules apply to a lawyer looking out for a Real Estate Witness not only in California but also all in most other states. The lawyer should therefore shop around for experts that might be required during litigation and know all available option before making the selection of an expert and professional witness. Once the witness has been chosen, the lawyer should personally meet up with the expert and gauge his credibility and knowledge. Furthermore, the lawyer should also know about the expert's availability during the time period allotted for the case as well as the fees that the expert would be charging for his testimony.

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