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Geology Careers with a Bachelor's Degree


    • According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 25 percent of geologists are employed as consultants to environmental, architectural and engineering firms. As environmental degradation increases and regulation becomes more stringent, the services of consultants will remain in strong demand. Many states have professional license programs that can make a geologist more credible to firms searching for a consultant, but these program vary by state and are not always required for work.

    Natural Resource Explorer

    • The American Geological Institute (AGI) notes that employment in this field fluctuates greatly depending on availability and demand for natural resources, especially in the petroleum and gas industry. The demand for geologists who can find new resource deposits is expected to grow, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Do not, however, expect to get a high-paying job in resource exploration right out of college. Typically, several years of field experience in the industry is required by most companies to compensate for lack of an advanced degree, according to the AGI.

    Researcher/Lab Technician

    • Many geology graduates can find work as researchers or lab technicians for special projects with international organizations, private institutions and federal and state agencies. The demand for trained geologists to aid in research that aims to alleviate many environmental pressures facing societies today is expected to grow as impacts from climate change become more visible around the world, according to the AGI.


    • As a degree in geology requires one to study the foundational sciences, graduates are well qualified to teach general science at a range of institutions, from museums to public high schools. Often, a teaching license is required to teach in public schools in addition to holding a bachelor's degree (depending on the state), but the opportunities to teach in the field or in the classroom abound for geologists interested in education.

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