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How to Revoke a Revocable Living Trust in Florida

    • 1). Determine who can revoke the trust. Only a grantor can revoke a trust. In the case of an individual trust, this is a single individual, but other trusts might have more than one grantor. An "AB" trust, granted jointly by a married couple, can be revoked by either spouse. Other kinds of trusts can only be revoked by agreement of all the grantors.

    • 2). Execute a revocation. The document for revoking a living trust is much simpler. It merely needs to express the grantor's revocation. Like the original trust document, it must be executed by the grantor(s) in the presence of a notary. See Resources for a sample form.

    • 3). Retitle assets. The most important part of revoking a living trust is to retitle the assets in the trust. Though the trust document creates the trust, and a revocation document revokes the trust, the assets must be retitled to effectuate the revocation. This probably involves directly contacting banks, the broker, government agencies and other organizations that maintain the titles of the trust's assets and providing copies of the revocation document.

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