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The Best Grooming Tools for Cats

    Brushing tools

    • A good brush is needed to keep a cat's hair mat-free in addition to keeping it smooth and shiny. Get a dual sided brush with long thin pins on one side to help untangle long hair or matted hairs and a bristle brush on the other to bring out the shine in your cat's coat.

      The JW Pet Company makes a double-sided brush with an agronomic handle for the groomer's comfort. The pin side part of this brush will also help to keep your cat's shedding to a minimum.

    De-shedding tool

    • Another brush-style cat grooming item to have on hand for a long-haired cat would be a de-shedding tool. Most short-haired cats don't shed as much with daily brushing, although they may benefit from a weekly de-shedding. Long-haired cats have a thick undercoat that should be "pulled" at least once a week with a de-shedding tool.

      FurGOpet created a compact cat de-shedding tool that gets the undercoat without harsh pulling. It is as gentle as a regular brush or comb but removes much more hair that keeps shedding down and decreases the likelihood of hairballs.

    Nail Trimmer

    • The latest in pet nail trimming is a rotating sander tool; however, most cats will not sit still for such a long period of time to have their nails filed down. The best method is to clip the nails and then file them straight down.

      There are two types of nail trimmers, a guillotine trimmer and scissors trimmer. The guillotine trimmer offers a more precise cut and is less likely to split or splinter the nail. One of the best guillotine nail trimmer is made by Resco. It allows you to see the cat's nails as you're trimming them.

    Moisturizing shampoo

    • A cat won't need a bath very often, but it's a good idea to get them used to bathing while they are kittens. A good moisturizing shampoo, one with oatmeal in it, will help your cat maintain a shiny coat and soft skin. Advance Formula Oatmeal Shampoo by Doctors Foster and Smith, rinses thoroughly and won't leave soap residue, which can irritate your cat's skin and have it licking its fur more than normal.

    Grooming glove

    • Many people use a grooming glove instead of a brush. There are several different styles and types of gloves that the cat owner wears and runs over the cat, collecting excess hair along the way. The glove has either "nubs" or plastic "spikes" that seem to attract the hair.

      One of the glove styles is made by Four Paws and called the Love Glove Cat Grooming Mitt and the other item is more of a grooming tool rather than a glove. Made by the Kong company, it resembles a large plastic cookie cutter with plastic spikes and removes loose hairs.

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