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How to Bind Your Breasts

    ACE Bandage Method

    • 1). Remove all clothes from the upper part of your body.

    • 2). Push your breasts to either side of your body, toward your armpits.

    • 3). Tuck one end of a wide ACE bandage under your arm.

    • 4). Wrap the bandage around your torso, flattening your breasts to your body. Do not stretch the ace bandage to its fullest extension, as this causes it to tighten around you.

    • 5). Secure the end of the bandage with one or two safety pins.

    • 6). Put on your clothes.

    Pantyhose Method

    • 1). Cut the legs off of a pair of control-top pantyhose, leaving a tube of fabric.

    • 2). Remove the clothes from your upper body.

    • 3). Pull the tube cut from the pantyhose over your head and down around your torso. The elastic from the pantyhose keeps your breasts flat.

    • 4). Put on your clothes.

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