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Dos and Don"ts To Ensure Safety While Jogging

Working an eight-hour job, sitting in the desk typing in the computer for long hours, and eating nothing but take-out foods day after day will result in a lot of health problems for working individuals. That is why many fitness regimens had been introduced to counter all these negative effects and one of the more popular exercises chosen by many is jogging.

A lot of working individuals, to ensure that they maintain good health and stay fit and active after being practically immobile the whole day, try to squeeze-in at least an hour of jogging in their evening schedule before retiring to bed. And since most working citizens are enclosed in their respective office spaces the entire day, most prefer jogging outdoors, like in a nearby park, just so they can have a change of atmosphere and breathe some fresh air.

Jogging truly has a lot of health benefits apart from being enjoyable and fun; however, one should also be cautious to avoid injuries or jogging-related accidents. One should also be wary of the increasing number of attacks to joggers, there should be a clear appreciation of that this threat is real and that the news on such incidents could happen to anyone. Therefore, to ensure hazard-free evening jogging experience, one has to keep in the mind the following jogging safety Dos and Don'ts especially if one is jogging outdoors:

* Do jog with a companion or with a group, if possible, to lessen the risk of being mugged or attacked. Jogging with a buddy will not only make your jogging routine safer but it will also make it more fun.
* Do jog in an area where you feel most comfortable; being familiar with the vicinity is also important to ensure that you know where to go in case of an emergency.
* Do jog in a location that is well lit and where there are a lot of other people or passerby.
* Do stay alert when jogging especially if you have your head/ear phones on.
* Do jog facing the direction of the traffic so that you could readily see approaching vehicles.
* Do wear light or bright-colored jogging outfits so that you would be more visible
* Do carry a pepper spray if you jog alone; this is useful when a mugger or stray dog unexpectedly attack you.
* Do take a safer alternative route should you see people ahead who appear to cause potential trouble.

* Do not jog in a deserted and secluded area because it increases the risk of being in a dangerous situation. Also, it would be harder to call for help if you are in a deserted area.
* Do not jog if it is already too late; if you really need to because you don't want to skip your daily dose of exercise, do indoor exercises.
* Do not panic if you feel that someone is following you or when you feel you are in danger. Just keep moving and find a business establishment or jog towards busy areas.
* Do not jog near bushes where attackers could hide; maintain a safe distance.
* Do not jog on hilly terrain and avoid jogging downhill, whenever possible, to lessen the likelihood of injuries and accidents.

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