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2 Myths for Acne Scar Treatment You Should Be Aware of Now

In life generally many things are taking to the extreme so also is the case with acne scar treatment.
There are so many myths flying around and they are doing more harm than good on the acne sufferers.
You see even if your acne disappears after a few months but by following thus myth you might cause a damage on your skin that can last a life time and many people have following victim of that already.
Myth #1: Be rough on your skin.
Many people are advised that the skin has pores and when that bores becomes dirty it can and do result to pimple or acne and because of that many people use harsh methods on their skin.
This is not right.
Acne scar treatment must be mild on your skin.
Other wise you will only worsen it by trying to be harsh on your skin and that can make your skin red or irritated.
Myth #2: Stress Causes Acne, this is what many people are told and most especially since 70% of those who suffer from acne are teenagers or those still in college.
But the truth is this, stress does not cause acne.
It is stress to your skin by applying harsh substance to your skin that can cause irritation which could lead to acne.
With all that said, the best remedies for acne scar treatment include taking lots of water, taking apple fruits avoiding junk foods that contains lots of fats and sugar.
This methods alone will help you cure your acne within weeks if you stick to them with discipline.

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