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How to Build a Successful Blog in Just 2 Hours Per Day

It is possible to build a successful blog in just 2 hours per day.
So is it possible to run a successful blog in just 2 hours per day.
Personally I believe it is.
I know that Darren on ProBlogger started out blogging in his spare time and now he makes over 6 figures per year blogging.
So how can you build your blog into a killer blog just using 2 hours per day to do it.
It is a tough task but it is definitely achievable.
When You Work You Work If you only have 2 hours a week to do everything for your blog then you need to not waste those two hours at all.
So when you work you need to work hard on your blog and not get distracted.
Getting distracted can literally be the difference between failure and success.
Having only 2 hours per week you can't waste one minute of it.
Write Killer Content Killer content is the basis of all good blogs.
Spend at least half of your two hours writing the absolute best quality content you can come up with.
That way people will continue to come back to read more, and people will link to your blog because the content is so good.
Get Other People Promoting For You Getting other people promoting your blog is like multiplying your time.
You can blog just 2 hours per day and then other people can spend their time promoting your blog.
There are a few ways you can do this.
Jason from The University Kid got people to promote the site and gave them a password to an A-Class post.
Write and eBook and allow people to give it away for free, just make sure they leave the links back to your site in the ebook.
Write a killer post and people will link to it for free.
Respond to My Readers Having conversations with your readers through email and in the comments section is VITAL to your success as a blog.
People love community and if they feel you are approachable then they will stick around.
So I am going to spend time responding to any users questions and emails Network, Network, Network If you write great content but no one knows your website exists then it may as well not exist.
Networking is a great way to get your blog noticed.
Write blog comments, write quality posts in forums with an interested signature attached to it.
Drive people to your website by using the established traffic from other websites.

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