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Ways to Cure Acne? 3 Tips to Cure Acne in 7 Days Or Less

The best ways to cure acne are actually the most obvious-how you take care of yourself.
"When you are clean on the inside you are clean on the outside" Remember this statement-it's the SINGLE biggest secret in the world of pimple removal.
Getting rid of acne does NOT require the use of "benzoyl peroxide", or other highly acidic and potent treatments.
So how do you stay "clean" on the inside? Here are 3 tips to make it happen: #1) Do NOT eat late at night Burdening your body with the task of digesting food-ESPECIALLY cooked food-right before hitting the sack is a KILLER for your skin.
Why? It means your body will be up ALL NIGHT filtering out all the toxins you just put inside it.
This is why often times you end up feeling more tired just after waking up...
even if you slept great.
This is NOT a coincidence If you often find yourself being groggy when you first awake, this is most likely the reason.
cutting down on your food intake right around night is one of the top ways to cure acne.
So you can never eat at night? Let's face it-we all are guilty of this from time to time.
If you do have to eat within 60 minutes or so of going to bed, only consume fruit-this is very easy for your body to assimilate and therefore you won't tax your system much.
#2) Only eat fruit for breakfast Again, this allows your body to continue its' internal repairs from the night before-your body can best handle a cooked meal around midday.
#3) Eat more frequently Your body was designed to be fed small amounts around the clock-not 3 HUGE meals a day as most people are accustomed to.
This results in digestive nightmares which-you got it-result in zits.
Therefore the best ways to cure acne are simply watching what and when you eat-you should see results shortly.

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