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Baking Sale Ideas for Kids

    Chocolate Dessert Sale

    • One idea is to hold a sale with chocolate goods of various types. Some good items to have for customers include chocolate chunk brownies, chocolate sandwich cookies, homemade chocolate fudge and chocolate cakes with different icings such as cream cheese, coffee, strawberry or dark chocolate icing. Before having the sale, you can have each child give three suggestions on what you should bake for the sale, and then you can narrow all of the choices down to five items.

    Unusually Flavored Cupcakes

    • Another creative idea is to bake some cupcakes which have unusual flavors and icings. For example, you can bake a dozen basil-mint cupcakes with a mint cream cheese frosting or you may decide to bake some caramel cupcakes with a chocolate-chile pepper frosting. Other ideas include savory tomato-oregano cupcakes with a lemon-thyme frosting or peanut brittle cupcakes with a cinnamon-cumin frosting.

    Fried Desserts

    • If you enjoy frying desserts, you can have a sale that sells primarily these types of goods. Some good fried desserts to include at this sale include banana fritters with chocolate drizzle on top, deep-fried chocolate bars and fried fruits on a stick with a lemon-honey dipping sauce. You can also have some fried peach pies with a white chocolate drizzle or sell some fried chocolate chip cookies with a mocha-maple dipping sauce.

    International Desserts

    • To give your bake sale an international flair, you can sell baked goods that are popular in various countries. Some good items include the Mexican tres leches cake, the Italian tiramisu, walnut strudel from Croatia and the Spanish churros. When arranging your baked goods on the table, it's a good idea to list the countries of origin for each dessert because it can give customers some details about these desserts if they've never heard of them.

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