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Men"s Promise Rings

Even though promise rings are not commonly worn by men, men's promise rings have their own significance.
Promise rings are exchanged between a girlfriend and boyfriend with a commitment to stay faithful to each other.
Men's promise rings can be worn as pre-engagement rings, friendship rings, or just as purity promise rings.
Purity rings are a special category of promise rings, often presented by parents to their children.
These rings signify the strong bond of trust between them and indicate a promise on the part of the child to stay away from sexual relationships and practice abstinence, until marriage.
To intensify pre-engagement relations, the design of men's promise rings is made similar to that of their spouse.
Generally referred as promise pair rings, these rings express the couple's love and care for each other.
The finger on which the promise ring is worn depends on the type of the ring.
If men's promise rings are exchanged as a symbol of friendship, then it is common to wear them on any finger including the thumb on the right hand.
The pre-engagement rings and purity rings are mostly worn on the left hand ring finger.
As men's promise rings are meant for daily usage, they should be made of durable metal.
Men's titanium promise rings are certainly the best choice.
Beautifully inlayed gold, silver and platinum men's promise rings are also of great demand.
Some men's promise rings are marvelously hand-painted while others have an antique touch.
Further, some men's promise rings are inscribed with names, initials, or a brief verbal description about the promise.
Men's promise rings are cool jewelry pieces which come in a variety of designs.
Both handmade and machine cut promise rings are available.
The most commonly used designs are Celtic knot rings, Sterling silver rings, Turkish puzzle rings, and Greek key style rings.
Men's promise rings with multi-gemstones and other precious stones are also available.

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