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Information About Birdhouses at the Nook

Birds like humans can be picky about what type of house they live in.
This is why it is important to choose carefully the type of birdhouses you will provide the birds with.
Some wild birds will only choose a birdhouse that has only one door for entering and exiting.
They also do not mind if the bird house is enclosed.
Some other types of wild birds do not like an enclosed birdhouse.
It may be because a closed bird house is too claustrophobic for them.
There is a third type of decorative bird house which can be described as bird mansions.
These unique houses will have multiple entrances and living compartments.
Think of it as a decorative bird apartment.
Most birds could care less about their housing needs; the above mentioned situation is about some birds.
One of the things that need to be kept in mind when putting a bird house, decorative or otherwise, is that the birds safety needs to be kept in mind.
Where and when to put a bird house is an important factor in the birds well being.
It is best not to hang up a bird house on a branch that may be close to a street or even on a branch that is leaning near a roof.
The reason for this is that it will make it easier for any predatory animal to have easy access to the birdhouse.
There is a trend nowadays to buy unique looking birdhouses.
The problem with these types is that it may actually deter a bird rather than encourage it to stay in it.
With some birds this may not be a problem, although location of the house can be a factor.
If putting a birdhouse low to the ground, just be sure you know the risks involved in the area.
Here are a few tips to help decide what type of bird house you need to buy.
Decide on which type of bird you would like to attract to it.
Rain water should be able to slide of the roof.
Make sure rain water will drain well, if by chance it gets inside.
The entrance hole should be small to prevent other animals from entering.
Encouraging certain types of birds to live around the house can be a good thing.
Birds such as swallows and purple martins are voracious eaters of mosquitoes.
These types of birds will generally nest well with closed houses.

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