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My Best Smoking Quit Tips

Since you are reading this article I am going to assume that either you or someone you care about is looking for smoking quit tips.
Quiting certainly is a challenge, but please remember that many, many people successfully do it every day.
Here are a few things to keep in mind: Exercise relieves stress and helps your body recover from years of damage from cigarettes.
If necessary, start slow, with a short walk once or twice per day.
Exercising not only enhances one's personal fitness but can go a long way in helping a person quit smoking.
Regular exercise makes a person both physically and mentally strong.
Exercise will not only help you keep your weight down, it can help your lungs start to recover sooner and just improve your health in general.
Exercise also helps with your self-esteem and will give you confidence.
Drink 10 - 12 12oz glasses of water per day.
Not only will this keep you well hydrated and flush your body of impurities, it will give you something new to fixate upon.
Drinking water can also help satisfy oral cravings you may have after you cut out the cigarettes.
Drinking more water is another of the quit smoking tips that also helps you flush the addictive nicotine from your body and also delivers other health benefits as well.
You should also change your daily routine by finding a new direction to work, or a different structure in getting ready for work in the mornings.
Remember that you are fighting both a physical as well as mental addiction, and stay strong.
Remember that you are doing this to live, there isn't a better reason then that!

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