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How to Make and Decorate a Paper Snowflake

    • 1). Fold a square piece of white tissue paper in half across the diagonal, and then in half again.

    • 2

      Hold the paper so the diagonal runs from the bottom left corner to the top. Fold the top of the triangle halfway down.

    • 3

      Fold the paper in half one more time, then cut straight across the dotted line. After this cut, the paper will be a triangle.

    • 4

      Cut out a design in the folded paper. For a six-point snowflake, leave a path between the two corners that are on the side of the triangle that opens up, and cut off the third corner. The more detailed the cuts, the more detailed the final snowflake will be.

    • 5

      Unfold the paper to see what your snowflake looks like. Leave the snowflake in a heavy book overnight to get rid of the creases left from folding the paper.

    • 6

      Decorate the snowflake with glitter and markers. A white snowflake sprinkled with white or silver glitter is elegant and festive.

    • 7). Tape the completed snowflakes to windows or walls.

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