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How to Convert a Refrigerator to a Beer Tap

    • 1). Determine the best size of keg for your refrigerator. The basic sizes of kegs are as follows: 5-gallon (8.5-inch diameter and 25-inch height), poney keg (17-inch diameter and 14.8-inch height) and half barrel (17-inch diameter and 23.3-inch height). In addition to the height of the keg, you need to allow for space for the keg coupler, which ties the keg to the CO2 tank. Plan on at least an additional 4 inches for the coupler.

    • 2). Cut the hole for the tap in the door. The kit for your kegerator should come with plans and measuring dimensions for where the hole in the door needs to be cut. Some will include a template that you can tape on the door for measuring. Mark the hole in the door with a marker. Attach the cutting blade to your saw and cut the hole in the door.

    • 3). Install the drip tray. This cactches any errant beer. Depending on the manufacturer and refrigerator, this can either be diverted through another hole cut in the door, or into your refrigerators drip pan. Follow the instructions that came with your kegerator kit.

    • 4). Cut and insert the mounting tube in the door. This gives the beer tap and shank a sturdy foundation. Measure the tube so that it is half an inch longer than the hole cut in the door. Slide the tube into the hole.

    • 5). Put together the tap assembly. This is the faucet, knob and shank. Insert the shank through the tube so the tap is on the front of the refrigerator door. Tighten the retaining nut on the inside of the door by threading it over the end of the shank. Attach the beer line to the inlet on the shank. Secure with a clamp.

    • 6). Insert the CO2 regulator into the threads at the top of the CO2 tank. Secure by turning clockwise with the wrench. Connect one end of the gas line to the regulator. Set the CO2 canister into the refrigerator.

    • 7). Set the beer keg into the refrigerator. Thread the keg coupler onto the tap at the top of the keg.

    • 8). Connect the hose from the CO2 regulator to the CO2 connection on the keg coupler. Connect the beer hose from the door tap to the beer connection on the coupler.

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