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Grounds for Autism Development and Cures - Why & How to Cure

Autism is a neurological disorder & needs special care for treatment.
This disorder results from combinations of certain traits.
This disorder ranges from low functioning autism to high function autism.
This disorder is considered to be a pervasive developmental disorder.
This means that it interrupts with usual developmental abilities including speech & communication.
Autism has many effects on different parts of body.
Autism mainly affects the brain.
A child is unable to excel is communication, social interactions & certain activities or interests.
A child with autism is unable to keep eye contact, indulge in facial expression & gestures.
The child fails to establish friendship with people of his age.
He or she does not enjoy or share interests & achievements with others.
They are also unable to understand emotions.
Most children are unable to speak & don't initiate or continue a conversation.
They have a tendency to repeat a phrase over & over again that they have heard once before.
Children with autism do not indulge in 'pretend' play.
They focus on pieces rather than the whole object.
Most people don´t to know whether autism can be cured.
Unfortunately, the answer is 'no'.
There is no cure for autism.
In case, an advertisement, product or medication promises that it can cure autism, you are being misled.
You need to understand the fact that autism has no cure.
However, the good news is that a lot of treatments are available to make people live with autism an easier task.
Autism can be treated with the following therapies: a) Alternative treatments These days, natural & alternative treatments for autism are very popular.
These include the use of herbs in contrast to prescribed medications.
Use of herbs does not have any side effects.
Usually, vitamin & mineral supplements are found helpful in treating Autism.
You should inform the doctor about any of the natural products that you are using for your child.
Some herbs can interact with prescription medication.
Remember that herbs & vitamins are used to help with certain symptoms of autism.
b) Nutritional Methods Some people prefer taking a special diet when treating Autism.
They stay away from certain type of foods that may cause sensitivities.
Gluten, dairy & artificial dyes are some of the foods that are eliminated from the diet.
You can also ask your doctor for allergy testing.
This will let you know whether your child has allergy from a certain type of food.
This way, you can easily eliminate a food from his or her diet.
It is true that there is no cure for Autism.
However, there are several treatments that can help the child overcome some symptoms.
You need to understand that going for one treatment at a time will only help.
You should not expect any miracle treatment.
You should not waste your money or time on products that claim to cure autism.
You must continue helping your child by continuing the treatment for symptoms of Autism.
This will definitely help you child enjoy a better life.
Don't shirk away from asking a lot of questions to your doctor.
Try to monitor your child's progress on a regular basis.
Handle your child with lot of love, care, presence & appreciation.

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