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Tips for the Archos 705 Wi-Fi Portable Media Player

    Before Use

    • The 705 is powered by a rechargeable battery supplied with the device. The battery is shipped with a slight charge, but you should not use the device until the unit is fully charged. By fully charging the battery you will extend the life of the battery and it will better hold its charge.

      To charge the battery, plug the supplied power adapter into the 705 and the other end into a working power outlet. The battery icon will appear on the screen with a lightening bolt over it, indicating that the battery is charging. Keep the power adapter plugged into the 705 until the "CHG" light blinks. Once fully charged, you can use the device as normal.

    System Reset

    • You may find the 705 stops responding when pressing buttons or using the touchscreen. This is often the result of an error in the system, but may also be caused by other factors, such as a corrupted file or a buildup of static electricity. To reset the device and resume its functionality, press and hold the "Power" button for at least 15 seconds. The 705 will shut off. When you power on the device again, it should work as normal.

      If the first reset method doesn't work, try a master reset of the device. The "Master Reset" button is located on the back of the 705, under the battery. Remove the battery cover and the battery and look for the small hole on the right side of the battery compartment. Use the end of a paper clip to press the "Master Reset" button in the hole. Replace the battery and battery cover and power on the device.

      Neither reset method will erase any of the files on your 705. When you perform a master reset, however, your settings will be lost.

    System Restore

    • Another common issue with the 705 is missing songs or videos and faulty operation when pressing any of the buttons or the touchscreen. When this occurs, you can try repairing the hard drive or reformatting the hard drive. Note that repairing the hard drive does not erase any files, but reformatting removes all of the files on the drive. You should always try to repair the hard drive and see if it fixes the malfunction before reformatting the hard drive.

      To repair the hard drive, turn on the 705 an hold the "TV/LCD" button until the screen turns white and "Recovery" mode starts. To switch between menu options, press the "TV/LCD" button. Highlight "Repair Disk" and hold the "TV/LCD" button until the line underneath the option blinks. Let go of the button once it blinks. The hard drive will go through the repair process and the 705 will shut off when complete. Power on the 705 again and check to see if the repair fixed the problem.

      If it doesn't work, place the 705 back in "Recovery" mode and select "Format Disk." The disk will reformat and the device will shut off. Turn it on and use the 705 as normal.

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