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Green Home in Enugu Nigeria Real Estate

I find it difficult to believe that up till this moment, a good number of Nigerians if not all are yet to embrace Green Home Development.  I may start by asking - How many Nigerians are aware of the concept of Green Home or Green Housing.  . 

I believe that most Nigeria property developers are not yet aware of the concept.  Most Nigeria building development engineers are still lackadaisical when it comes accepting the concept of Green Housing Development.

Green home is really a fairly new term in modern building not just in Nigeria but across the world.  In this article, I will take some space to educate my readers on the concept of green housing or development of green house.

Green housing entails use of modern building materials, use of modern construction techniques in the development of modern houses.  A green house is one in which recyclable or recycled materials or components were used during the construction.  The materials use for such building are selected in such a way as to complement the climatic condition in that area, the terrain in the area and sustainability of such housing project.  Green housing may differ significantly from the conventional methods of building houses in Nigeria.

A closer look at a green house will reveal unique features of a green house.  Let us for instance consider provision of water in a green house.    If you are in area where water is scarce, a green house will have provision for water collection and purification of water from rain and other sources like house hold use.  Such a house will enhance wise utilization of water without spending enormous amount on buying of water.

Aside water utilization in a green house; let us also consider Energy use in a green house.  When it comes to energy utilization, a green house is constructed in such a way that energy use is minimized.    Green house is constructed in such a way that natural sources of energy such as solar energy, daylight, natural ventilation and heat from sunlight are maximized.

A green house is constructed in such a way that the walls, floors, windows and roof of the building collect and store energy from the sun via different designs of solar panels.

Green house may not be a cheap house for Nigerians.  However, on the long run, green house will be a cheap solution to solving our problems such as epileptic power supply and water scarcity.

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