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How to Install Heat Tape for Reptiles

    • 1). Cut the heat tape to the length of your animal's cage with a pair of scissors. Insulate the cut end by covering it with electrical tape.

    • 2). Position the two butterfly-shaped heat tape clips on the end of the heat tape connection power cord, over the two metal strips on the outside edges of the heat tape. Fold the connectors in half with a pair of pliers so they enclose the metal strips on the uncut end of the heat tape.

    • 3). Cover the heat tape clips with the snap-together insulators included with the connection kit. If your kit does not include insulators, cover the clips with electrical tape.

    • 4). Move the reptile cage or aquarium. Set the heat tape within the enclosure footprint. Cover the tape with heavy duty aluminum foil. The foil dissipates the heat and helps prevent hot spots.

    • 5). Set the cage on top of the heat tape and the aluminum foil. Do not set the cage on top of the insulators or power cord.

    • 6). Plug in the power cord and set the dimmer, rheostat or thermostat on the power cord to the lowest setting. Check the temperature of the bottom of the cage with your hand after 10 minutes.

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