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How to Correct Your Birth Date

    Birth Certificate

    • 1). Visit the Office of Vital Statistics in your county during its hours of operation. Request an Application for Correction form from the clerk.

    • 2). Ask the clerk which documents need to be provided in order to change the birth date, and what fees, if any, are associated with handing in the Application of Correction form. Baptismal records, cradle roll certificates, school records, a child's birth record and immunization or clinic records are documents that might be required to show the correct date of birth.

    • 3). Complete the Application for Correction form, and place in an envelope with the proper fee and copied supporting documents.

    • 4). Mail or drop the form off at your local Office of Vital Statistics. Wait up to 30 weeks to receive your corrected birth certificate.

    Social Security Card

    • 1). Pick up an Application for a Social Security Card from a local Social Security Administration Office, or download the application from the Social Security website. This form is used to correct mistakes made on previous cards, as well as to apply for an original card.

    • 2). Complete the Application for a Social Security Card. An incomplete application is sent back to you.

    • 3). Obtain a copy of your birth certificate showing your correct date of birth. You also may use a U.S. hospital record of your birth, religious record established before age 5 showing your date of birth, passport or final adoption decree.

    • 4). Take or mail your completed Application for a Social Security Card, your birth certificate and other documents to prove your age to your local Social Security Administration Office.

    • 5). Wait two weeks to receive your new card.

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