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Starting a Bounce House Business

Hello, I have been in and around the bounce house business for several years now.
I have provided fun for countless families in their backyards, parks, and local centers.
Anyone who has seen one of my bouncers in action for the first time, always thinks that inflatable bouncers are the greatest invention since the trampoline.
Or in my childhood days, mom and dads king size bed...
Soon after customers see the easy set up and tear down of a bounce house, they immediately feel like they are in the wrong profession.
Especially after they pay the bill! For years I have tried to keep all the secretes of the bounce house industry away from anyone that could become local competition.
As time has passed however, I truly now recognize that I could never grow my company fast enough to meet demands.
So, for all those who have ever thought about the business, let's talk! I'll start by saying starting a moonbounce business starts with proper forms.
I see a lot server hits for "bounce house rental forms", "moonbounce rental forms", "inflatable rental forms", etc...
You will find that there is no one single form to cover your needs, especially as your company grows.
They easiest thing to do is find someone, like my self, who has already done all the work and modify them to fit your needs.
Avoid .
pdfs because you will be editing them a lot.
Customers will letyou know when a form is difficult to read or inadequate.
They will add their own text and circle it when they can't find something.
They will add comments and additional terms to satisfy their needs.
They will simply call and say they don't know what to do! I know you can't make a single form that everyone can understand, but you can surely come close...
I call it "dummyfying".
The most essential forms needed are as follows: 1.
Rental Selection Form - this form allows the customer to select the rental items and understand the price associated with each rental item.
Rental Agreement - this form explains to the customer the rental terms and collects the customers address, telephone number, rental location, and signature.
Rules Sheet - customers normally do not read the legal forms, so spell out the rules so they understand what they are getting into.
Second Liability Waiver - just helps the customer acknowledge that there is a risk when playing on equipment.
Photo Inventory - Show off your equipment Of course you will need to get your legal forms cleared by your insurance company before you begin using them, but if you got them from a good source, that should not be a problem.
I look forward to future discussion with all fellow entrepreneurs...

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