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Scheduled For Kidney Stone Surgery? Read This First!

In this article we will talk about kidney stone surgery.
Surgery is rarely used when treating your stones.
However, sometimes if your condition is just not improving, surgery may be the only option.
There are a number of different situations where surgery may be the only option to remove a kidney stone.
These are listed below:
  • The stone was developed as a result of an infection
  • The stone is located where other treatments cannot reach it
  • It is too large to pass
  • Completely blocks the flow of urine
  • The stone has not passed after a reasonable time-frame and is causing extreme discomfort for the patient.
  • The stone causes urinary tract infections repeatedly
  • The stone causes bleeding as a result of damage to kidney tissues
  • The patient with the stone is obese
If none of the above situations applies and you are scheduled for surgery, please ensure you talk to your doctor to be absolutely sure that surgery is the only option.
Kidney stone surgery is basically open surgery because it involves cutting into the kidney to remove the stones.
X-rays are usually used to precisely locate the stone, so that the surgeon can determine the best position to create the incision.
Normally, a cathether is inserted into the kidney after the procedure in order to drain urine out of the body while the kidney heals.
Because this surgery is so involved, recovery can take up to 9 days in the hospital and up 1.
5 months resting at home.
Watch out for any unusual symptoms while you are recovering from the surgery.
These include: sharp pain, vomiting, fever, or swelling/redness around the cut.
Be sure to contact your doctor immediately if any of these symptoms appear.
In the article above we discussed kidney stone surgery.
To recap, we discussed situations where surgery may be necessary, what the surgery involves, and what to expect during recovery.
For more information on how to treat your kidney stones be sure to visit my site below.

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