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How to Use a Floor Fan

    • 1). Look around the room where you want to install the floor fan, and locate the electrical outlets. This will determine the locations where you can place the fan so that you do not run cords along the floor causing a tripping hazard.

    • 2). Set the fan so that the blades are aimed at the location where you sit or stand most often. If the fan is in a room where you move around or where there are multiple people, point it at the center of a wall, which causes the air to rebound off in a circular pattern.

    • 3). Plug the fan's electrical cord into the nearest electrical outlet, and cover the cord with a throw rug if there is any chance that someone may trip over it. A throw rug also discourages pets from playing with the fan cord.

    • 4). Turn the fan on at the lowest speed, which is the one that creates the least amount of noise. Sit in an area in front of the fan, and determine whether the air flow is sufficient for your tastes. If needed, increase the speed by one notch at a time until you feel comfortable.

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