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Why Does Talking Dirty Feel So Awkward at First? How Can You Deal With This?

Most women feel really awkward when they have to try something new in bed - especially if that something new is talking dirty.
On the mention of the phrase 'dirty talk', most may think that this is saying anything filthy and abusive when it actually is not.
I can tell you with confidence that dirty talk will improve your sex life and relationship in general but first, you have to know what it is and how to do it.
Since you are here to find information on how to talk dirty, I will give you a couple of pointers that you will find very beneficial.
Here are some of the major causes of awkwardness during sex that you should focus on overcoming.
a) The Good Girl Complex - Most girls assume that to be good in bed means to be subtle and let the man do all work - be a good girl.
This is not true.
If you have been just lying there during sex, you may not feel the urge to come up and talk dirty but you know deep inside you want to say something - scream what you feel or tell him to do this and this.
If you have been acting a good girl and your man seems to be getting bored by the same old routine, effect changes - albeit slowly - and start by telling him what you have in mind such as praising his skills, telling him what to do and the simplest of all - moan.
b) The fear of saying or doing the wrong thing - This is another major problem that most girls face when they want to learn and perfect the art of dirty talking in bed.
Since there are no two same people, we all have different preferences and so do men.
Unless you try and learn from the mistakes you make, you will never know what turns your man on and what turns him off.
My advice - study him over time, even outside the bed.
You will get to know the things that he pays close attention to and the flirtation phrases and techniques he likes.
These will form the foundation of your dirty talk phrases.
c) Will he think I am nasty, even a slut? - Maybe, but then, sex is all about pleasure, for yourself and your man.
Do not shy away from talking dirty just because you want to maintain an image - talking dirty gives him the best of two worlds: the real you and the tigress in bed.
When you talk dirty, he will know that you are in seventh heaven and that you are doing something special just for him.

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