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Price of Fame and Celebrity: Mistrust and Loneliness

What loneliness is more lonely than distrust? - T.
Eliot Justin Beiber, Rhianna, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lawrence, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe and Claire Danes have all publicly commented about how being famous has left them feeling lonely, locked-up and leery of media and fan familiarity that breeds an inappropriate closeness.
The price of fame is our ability to trust others and the world we live in.
The simple truth is that a primary need of the human spirit is a sense of love, belonging and connection.
When we mistrust question the motives of others.
We question sincerity, kindness, instruction, attention and yes, the offers of love, belonging and connection - the very things that will soothe our soul.
The stark impact of celebrity is that it can quickly sever the feeling of well-being, safety and security that comes with having that fundamental need met.
Extraordinary talent, fame, financial success and an adoring public is an inadequate deterrent or remedy from the subjective experience of isolation.
Feelings of isolation lead to fear.
Any decision or action rooted in fear will likely have unwanted outcomes.
Reflect upon some of the not-so-good outcomes you've experienced in your own life and you'll see the validity of this statement.
When we're afraid we Find Excuses And Reasons to stay in our safe comfort zones perpetuating our circumstance.
Or, we F(insert colorful word here) Everything And Run as far away from our situation as possible, often sabotaging ourselves in the process.
Yet, everyday we have to make choices about who and what to trust.
So, how can you turn the ever present locked-up feelings of mistrust into a willingness to be open and presume integrity is present in our relationships and the events of our life? Here are 3 tips: 1.
Discern the Feeling Your emotions are indicators of whether or not you're thinking in a direction that serves you or diminishes you.
Simply put if you feel good you're headed in the right direction.
Move forward.
If you feel bad, stop.
Hit the pause button.
Discern whether or not what you fear is real and imminent.
What is the evidence that the fear or immediacy is real? Is there any evidence to the contrary? Examine the facts without attaching any meanings, any inner dialog about the fact.
If the fear is real and/or imminent take rational and appropriate precautions.
Trust Your Inner Circle Keep your inner circle close.
These are people you love, know, like and trust.
And they know - really know - like and trust you.
Communicate and spend time with them often.
Allow yourself to be open and transparent in their presence.
Return to the safety and security that such an experience of love, belonging and connection.
Reconnect With You Often the most profound loneliness comes from a disconnection from your authentic self.
As a celebrity you spend a lot of time in your public persona "costume".
Celebrity is a business and as a business you develop a brand image.
The flip side of that coin is you begin to lose touch with who you really are underneath the facade.
Be mindful that your public presence is in alignment with your authentic attributes and with what you value most.
Step back into the comfort of your own skin when out of public scrutiny.
Like everything else in life, it gets better with practice.
The more you apply these three steps the more you will feel like you belong and are fully connected to the fabric and vibrancy of life at its fullest.
It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.
- Albert Einstein

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