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Export Outlook 2010 To Lotus Notes And Get Better Database Security

Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes both are popular email clients therefore, switching between these two email clients is also common and users can easily export Outlook 2010 to Lotus Notes ( with Outlook to Notes converter.

IBM Lotus Notes

IBM Lotus Notes is the leading collaboration and enterprise email client for personal and organizational efficiency and its platform ultimately fits for the execution of Workflow applications. It is very customizable so each application can be customized in less time in this. It provides the facility to inherit values of document. Example: One reply to a posting in newsgroup can acquire the values from the original document by which you can see the information like; who posted the original document, when the original document got posted, subject of the post etc. You get rich text documentation in NSF i.e. Lotus Notes emails can have graphics, sound files and video along with regular text. You can use SysTools Outlook to Notes converter ( with which you can get high level of security in Lotus Notes like:

  • The databases can have several levels of security for users or groups, some parts of the database (form) can be encrypted and only those who have the key can see it, multiple fields of that form (database) can also be encrypted with different keys.

  • Database can have digital signatures by which the recipients of that document can check the person who signed that document and whether the content of document has been altered or not.

  • Important emails can be prevented from being forward by the recipient to others.

  • User's password cannot be changed by the administrator.

  • User cannot obtain a copy of database because full encryption of database can be done with physical access to Server.

Web Publishing
Most of the benefits of Lotus Notes are available from WEB as the databases of Notes automatically get converted to HTML and by this, the users can browse and edit information in the databases on WEB.
While on the other hand, Outlook doesn't provide such high level of security, application customization, web publishing, document sharing etc. So, if you are an Outlook user and you want to export Outlook 2010 to NSF due to some purpose or to avail the benefits of NSF then, you can use Outlook to Notes converter. This software can export the entire database from Outlook to Lotus Notes i.e. you can get all your items like emails, contacts, calendar, journals and to-do list in Lotus Notes from Microsoft Outlook.

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