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Truck Bed Liners, Toolboxes and Tailgate Nets are Great Accessories

Truck bed liners are a necessity if the truck owner wishes to keep his vehicle clean and protected. There are a number of types to choose from.

The first category includes truck bed mats which are simple and sturdy rubber coverings that cover the entire truck bed. These tend to be relatively inexpensive and with their textured surfaces, keep cargo from sliding around. Additionally, tailgate mats are also available for those looking for full coverage. For a step up, some truck owners consider dual liners, which are custom made and prevent dirt and water from becoming trapped under the liner. Others opt for a carpeted truck bed liner which is comfortable to sit on, and still provides durable protection to weather the elements.

A second major area of consideration is whether or not to get a truck tool box. Truck toolboxes are a must for contractors and workmen. They efficiently organize tools and prevent the dangers associated with loose items in the truck bed.

Low profile crossover toolboxes sit as low as possible in the truck bed to allow maximum visibility through the rear window. Single Lid crossover toolboxes, like the name implies, are distinguished by their single lid. These types are bar far the most popular. Double lid crossover toolboxes are more convenient because they allow equipment to be accessed from both sides of the truck bed. Separated compartments also allow more efficient organization of the items within.  Side-mounted toolboxes are sometimes longer, allowing for the storage of larger tools. Specialty toolboxes are a miscellaneous category of variously shaped toolboxes. These range from full sized truck chests to so-called trailer tongue boxes which are used for the storage of trailer related gear.

Yet another accessory to consider are tailgate nets. Adding a tailgate net to the back of your truck reduces wind resistance and can thus save money at the pump.

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