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Octopus Sock Craft

    The Head

    • The most important place to start with an octopus sock craft is the head. Purchase long knee socks with vibrant colors to start. The longer the sock, the better when it comes to making the legs later. The first step is to stuff the toe of the sock. Use dried beans or dried rice for a beanbag feel to the craft, or use cotton or other fluffy stuffing to make it soft like a plush toy. Once the head is stuffed, tie off the neck with string or cinch it with a rubber band. You can also seal it shut with a hot glue gun or by sewing it shut. If you are making a hand puppet, do not stuff the head, as this is where the hand of the user will go.

    Thin Legs

    • There are several different types of legs you can make. For long, dangling legs, use scissors to cut from the edge of the sock up to the cinch point of its neck. Make eight cuts that result in eight equally-sized legs. Reinforce the neck with more rubber bands, ribbon, thread or hot glue to keep the stuffing from falling out. Then just let the legs dangle from the bottom of the octopus.

    Stuffed Legs

    • The legs of the octopus can be made into a base so the item sits naturally on a surface. In order to do this, make the legs out of two separate pieces of felt or other fabric. Cut this fabric into two equally-sized eight-point stars with a diameter about twice that of your octopus head. Sew or hot glue these edges together, leaving a little opening on the end to add stuffing. Stuff the base with the stuffing of your choice, then sew or hot glue it completely shut. Cut off the remaining sock beneath the octopus neck and attach that to the center of the base.

    Stuffed Legs that Dangle

    • For stuffed legs, use scissors to make eight cuts up the length of the sock from the end to the octopus neck, just as for the thin legs. Then make the same cuts on an identical sock and clip these legs off. Then sew these to the backs of the legs that are attached to the octopus neck. Fill these legs with stuffing and seal them off just below the octopus neck.


    • The final stage in making a sock octopus is decorating it. The decoration can be simple or more complex, depending on your taste. The only important element that needs to be added at this stage is eyes, which can be glued on as buttons, cloth or googly eyes purchased at a craft store. Use sequins to decorate the legs and head, and glue or sew on buttons on the bottom of the dangling legs as suction points. Draw or sew a nose or mouth onto the head, which may not be biologically accurate, but will look cute.

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