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Desperate To Get Your Ex Back? Disappear For A While And Make Your Ex Miss You Again!

You walk around aimlessly all the time - ever since the break up, you are so miserable that life is just not worth living anymore.
You would like to make your ex miss you again - this would help so much - you are sure this would get your ex back into your life again.
You are quite right of course, if you can make your ex miss you again, it could very well get your ex and you back together again.
Now, even though you are desperate to see your ex, the only way you are going to make your ex miss you is for your ex to not have the opportunity to see you at all.
In fact, he/she should not be able to make any contact with you whatsoever.
This means that you should stay away from places that you know your ex likes to go to - this way there is little chance for your ex to see you.
If your ex sends you text messages or emails don't respond - in other words, don't be available for your ex - at all.
This applies when you're with your friends as well - don't talk to them about your break up or your ex - this means that they cannot have anything to tell your ex about you when they see him/her.
Your ex will begin to feel totally isolated from you and it will eventually begin to bother him/her.
Make sure though that when you are out with your friends that you always look great - this is the one thing that they CAN tell your ex that will make your ex start to miss you.
Knowing only how you look will make your ex gradually miss you more and more.
You can make your ex miss you again.
All it takes is for you to be completely out of the picture for as long as possible.
Your ex will start thinking about all the good times you had during your relationship, and he/she will begin to want them back again - more and more.

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