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Aswan Holidays Offer Modern Amenities And Wonderful Sightseeing

Aswan is located on the first waterfall at the East Bank of the great river Nile. This is ultimate place to see beautiful environment and weather is always pleasant here. This pretty venue is well-known place for the Temple of Philae on Lake Nasser, the enormous High Dam and the magnificent Temple of Abu Simbel. You can reach here by optional air excursions. Plan your holidays at Aswan and relax at this beautiful island and forget all those daily life worries. This is also considered as the picturesque town situated on the bank of Lake Nassar and it offers a perfect nightlife to enjoy night lovers can have ultimate fun here. This is perfect place for those who want to relax and those who want some adventure and fun can also plan holidays in Aswan.

Know more about the Aswan holidays and get complete information about what all you can enjoy here. Just east side of this place is the popular extract that is the home of hue incomplete Obelisk and when you move towards the south you can enjoy two Graeco-Roman sarcophagi and also enjoy at incomplete colossus. After that visit the Elephantine Island which is popular for its ancient and culture artifacts from the pre-Dynastic times. Explore the things happened during 6th century at Coptic Monastery and also enjoy Tomb of the Aga Khan. Book cheap flights to Aswan and enjoy superb and entertaining holidays at Aswan.

Nile cruises Luxor to Aswan is another best place to see you can enjoy drifting along the Nile rive on Sublime Nile Cruises such as Presidential Nile practice from Luxor to Asawn and during the journey it stops at the Valley of the Kings and Queens and then takes a break at soaring High Dam. Those who love cruise journeys can include this in their Aswan holiday packages. Aswan hotels are another attraction for the tourists. Here you can enjoy comfortable stay at the serene Movenpick Resort constructed on the 23 acre of land located on the Elephantine Island or at the Iberotel Aswan situtated just on the outskirts of the town. Both of these resorts offers wonderful views of the Nile River and also give easy access to the Aswans restaurants and shops.

You can enjoy mouth watering food and can taste different cuisines here. Restaurants of Aswan serve different foods according to the tastes of different tourists. Egypt multi-centre itineraries are another place to include your Aswan holiday packages here you can get into the heart of this historic city and can experience some of the best ancient wonders and treasures of the city.

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