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Ravens As Pets - Sorry, Too Smart For You Humans

Many people want to get birds as pets, and they tend to like the most colorful ones, and/or those which are the most intelligent.
The African Gray species is one of the favorites that humans like to take in as pets.
Humans believe them to be quite smart because they can learn words, and they have extremely well evolved voice capabilities.
However, you must understand that there are many other birds that are also quite smart and intelligent.
One very intelligent bird species are those birds that look like big black crows; ravens.
It is amazing what they have been observed doing in the wild.
They think, adapt, hunt, and they use tools.
They do just about everything they can to prove to us they are intelligent, and yet because they are birds, sometimes we don't see it that way.
It is interesting that we believe the African grays are so intelligent because we observe them up close and personal as pets in cages.
The ravens can be somewhat tamed over time, but you can't use trickery tactics and merely food to keep their interests.
In many regards they might be simply too smart to be pets.
Since they are so cunning and intelligent, they have also intrigued man, and because they are black they take on a spooky occult like image in the minds of men.
They learn quite quickly, and they can solve problems.
They're a lot smarter than we give them credit for and therefore they end up surprising us time and time again.
Is this the reason we have used them in our horror films and stories, as demonic, evil, or out to get us? Who knows, maybe they really are? Now then, there are some people who are even more intrigued due to the stigma, and therefore wish to make them pets, simply for the fact that they are spooky to so many.
Ravens can take care of themselves without any problem in a wild due to their intelligence, their size, their big claws, and their ability to reason, adapt, hunt, and use tools.
They do not need human's help, not even a little bit.
They're also smart enough to know that if you are offering assistance, food, or something that they need, then it behooves them to cooperate.
In many regards ravens are a lot like humans.
Still, ravens as pets may not work out for you, there are simply too smart for humans, and are not easily manipulated or tricked.
Plus they are fiercely independent, and they don't need us, it's just that some people feel they need a friend or a pet, and those birds always seem to be around.
Please consider all this and think on it.

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