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Attractive Body Language - Use It to Snag Beautiful Women!

If you have problems attracting women (let alone beautiful women), then your body language (or lack of it) may be to blame.
For instance, did you know that approximately 90% of our interactions with others is based on non-verbal communication? So if you're not using attractive body language in your dealings with women, then you're way behind the rest of the guys who are.
So what can you do about it? First, you need to get rid of any gestures that scream, "I'm insecure!" Stand up straight instead of slumping, stop fidgeting and stop looking like you don't know what you're doing there.
Guys who seem to attract beautiful women effortlessly don't show any insecure gestures.
So if you want to be like them, start acting and feeling confident when you're out and about.
You may be surprised at what happens next! Don't Apologize For Your Existence The second thing you need to do in order to use attractive body language is not to apologize for your existence.
You see, insecure guys try to take up as little space as possible, while confident guys take up all the space they need and then some.
Confident guys look comfortable wherever they are, and don't try to get out of people's way because they think they're taking up too much room.
Confident guys also have slower movements.
They seem decisive and look as if they can handle any situation.
Take a look at movie or TV stars and watch how they move and interact with others.
Women love confident guys.
Women also like to feel safe and secure when they're with a guy.
Do you think they'd rather be with an insecure guy who apologizes for taking up space or with a confident guy who seems as if he can handle any situation? Who do you think will make her feel safer? Up Close And Personal Another tip for using attractive body language is to get up close and personal with her.
Enter her space, but don't get so close to her that she feels uncomfortable.
You want to be close enough to be able to reach out a hand to lightly touch her on her shoulder without intimidating her.
Once you've been talking for a few minutes, you can start off by lightly touching her bag or a piece of jewelery she's wearing.
Then you can graduate to touching her shoulder, arm, or back of her hand.
All the while, make sure you're still talking or joking with her.
Try to be as flirtatious as possible.
If you want to use attractive body language to snag beautiful women, then make sure you follow the three tips above.
If you have the dedication and desire to let your body language do the talking for you, then you have a great chance of going home with a gorgeous babe on your arm.
All it takes is a bit of practice and persistence before you, too, will be seen as a cool, confident guy!

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