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How to Put on a Patented Ultramet Capacitor

    • 1). Shut off power to the HVAC unit compressor in which the Ultramet will be installed, then access the inside of the compressor. Do this by using a screwdriver to remove the cover's retaining screws.

    • 2). Put on safety gloves and then place the metal tip of the screwdriver across the blades of the old capacitor to release any remaining charge.

    • 3). Remove the fan, common and Herm terminal insulators from the blades of the old capacitor, which will be located near the compressor fan. Write down which wires were connected to which insulators. Remove the insulators with the screwdriver.

    • 4). Connect the Herm, fan and common terminal insulators to the corresponding blades on the Ultramet capacitor using the screwdriver.

    • 5). Replace the compressor cover and restore power to the HVAC compressor.

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