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Budget Wedding Flowers - 6 Sneaky Ways to Save

You don't have to skimp on style to save on wedding flowers.
These clever ideas can help you keep the glam look without the glam price tag.
Tis the Season
Just as in-season vegetables are less expensive, in-season flowers will cost you less, too.
Ask your florist about in-season, regional flowers to get the most bang for your buck.
Go for Elegant & Chic
Make "elegant & chic" the theme for your entire wedding.
Why? Nothing says elegant like clean, simple decorations ...
including the flowers.
And what could be more chic than walking down the aisle with a single, large blossom, like an orchid? With this theme, less is more ...
and more budget friendly, too.
Let Mother Nature Handle the Flowers
Doesn't a garden of flowers in full bloom sound like a beautiful wedding venue? It would be beautiful for your budget, too.
When you tie the knot in a garden, there's no need to pay a florist to blanket the location with blossoms - Mother Nature will do the job for free.
Enlist your Friends & Family
Put out the word to friends and family that you're looking to save on flowers.
You never know -your friend's cousin's roommate from college could be a florist.
And with today's technology, a simple Facebook wall post or MySpace bulletin may be all it takes to score yourself a flower discount.
Try a Trade
Are you a web designer? A whiz with words? A tile-work genius? If you have a skill, there's a chance that a florist out there needs it.
Put a free ad on Craig's List offering to barter your services for a discount - or even free - floral services for your wedding.
Where Does Your Florist Shop?
Your florist has to get her flowers somewhere, and it's probably not from a garden out back.
She probably stocks the store with merchandise from local flower wholesalers.
Find out which wholesalers are open to the public and do some DIY flower shopping.
Stick with a simple decorating scheme and enlist friends and family to decorate the morning of the wedding.

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